Current Officers 2021

Commodore Sparky Callow

It shall be the duty of the Commodore to preside at all meetings of the General Membership, call Special Meetings when necessary to discuss important issues, make appointments to fill vacant positions, and appoint committees to perform the necessary functions of the club.

Vice Commodore Jim Castelluzzo

The Vice Commodore shall act for the Commodore in case of his or her inability to act, he/she shall be Chairman of Publicity and make arrangements for speakers for the General Meetings.

Rear Commodore Bobby Arms

The Rear Commodore shall act for the Vice Commodore in case of that Officer's inability to act and shall be Chairman of Club Activities.

Purser Lynn Meihls

The Purser shall receive and disperse all money and keep accurate accounts of all financial transactions of the Club, and shall report in detail at the regular meetings of the Club, and in annual summary form to the Annual Meetings.

Yeoman John Meihls

The Yeoman shall keep a permanent record of all Special Meetings, if any, and the regular meetings of the General Membership.