OBC Chairperson's for 2014

Chairperson positions appointed by The Commodore;


Ramp Duty:                                        Lynne Meihls

Splash editor:                                      John Meihls

Master at Arms:                                 Dan Grass

Clubhouse Use Committee:               Catherine Miller

Education Chair                                    Bob Simons


Chairperson Positions appointed by the Rear Commodore;


                        Activities Chair and committee members:                   Star Darden & Marian Meyers 

              Maintenance Chair:                                    Carl Van Meter & Jason Van Meter

                                             Raffle Chair:                                                                   Marian Meyers

Club Supplies Chair:                                                         Jon Coats

Membership Chair:                                                           Pat Goulart

Sunshine Chair:                                                             JuDee Smitko

Breakfasts Chair:                                                                Alex Keller

Fishing Events Chair:                                          John Cassidy & Bill Smitko

Internet/Website:                                                              Nick Nichols

Notification:                                                                   Debbie Hardesty

Trophy Chair:                                                              John Campbell

Historian:                                                                  Debbie Hardesty

Charity:                           Jean Neisewander, John & Vickie Cassidy

                                          Call Tree:                                                                    ?